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Step by step Estate Sale

1. Consultation

The first step is a free consultation. This appointment consists of a detailed walk through of the home.  Once we have seen everything, we will discuss your goals and how we can help you reach them. We charge a flat commission on the gross sales, no separate labor, advertising, research fees. There will be no surprise fees in the end.  This rate is determined by factors including what items are for sale, the amount of time needed to prepare the home for the sale and how much labor is involved. 


We advise you not to trash or donate anything, until we take a look.  You may be giving away the very things that could be  successful at an estate sale! 

living room.png

2. Staging

We begin the staging process by creating a plan that guides the organization and arrangement of the home, room by room.


We believe that when a home is clean, well organized, and properly staged it results in better sale totals for our clients. Customers find more enjoyment in the experience, shop longer and purchase more.


We insure all safety measures are taken.  We close off and label all areas that might be considered a liability.

We bring all the equipment needed (tables, extra lighting, display cases, clothing racks, tags, etc…)

Valuable, small or fragile items will be separated into designated areas and locked in cases.

3. Research & Pricing

Our years of experience pricing and selling keeps us very familiar with current market values.  For any objects that need extra attention we turn to our pricing resources and accredited  appraiser to research the value.  We also have relationships with local and national auction houses for any items that we feel are best served by being auctioned to a wider audience.

We evaluate each and every item in your home including items stuffed in closets, cub-bards, etc..

In the gallery at left, you can see some of the interesting items we have sold.

4. Advertising

Having your estate properly advertised is the key to a successful estate sale. Throughout the pre-sale process we photograph items in the home, creating a comprehensive online photo album showcasing the contents of the estate sale. This enables our customers to "walk" through the sale before the sale even begins. Photos are included in the estate sale listing and posted on our social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram). Extensive online marketing efforts to insure the sale of your items is a successful.

We also provide:

  • Listings on & Discovery

  • Multiple Craigslist Ads

  • Multiple Print Newspapers

  • Multiple Facebook & Instagram page listings & posts

  • Directional Signs & House Yard Signs

estate sale photo

5. SaleDays

The sale itself is typically two to three days depending on the size of the house and the number of items.  Friday, Saturday & Sunday are common estate sale days.

This will be open to the public and managed by us, the owners, as well as our experienced team of attendants.


 A check out table as well as a holding area are set by the front door making it easier to maintain control and flow.  


All items sold are recorded through our computerized system.

Post Sale

 Within 7 business days of the estate sale, you will receive payment from us with your percentage of the sales along with an inventory list of items sold. 

We can look at the remaining items together and decide from there, as there are many options available to you.

DISCOVERY can completely empty the home and leave it broom swept clean and ready to sell or rent. Our experienced staff will pack up items of value that are left behind to sell, when possible arrange for the donation of items that can’t be sold, and also haul away the balance if needed – all at a very competitive rate.

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