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...hopelessly addicted to beautiful old things...

Angela and John Conforti have been sharing their passion for antiques, estate jewelry, decorative arts and unusual items, for over 20 years. They are always on a hunt for anything old and interesting. Finding it, buying it, and sometimes salvaging it, working on bringing it back to life for a new home.


John Conforti

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Angela Conforti

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Our shared interest for antiques brought us together when we met at an auction in New Jersey. We quickly realized that our lives match perfectly together, we got married, started a family and later on opened our first shop in Far Hills

About 20 years ago we started discovering the unique world of estate sales and we decided it is something we would enjoy (exploring and learning) doing. Over the years we have helped many of our clients to downsize and comfortably move. We helped them through the process of letting go of their loved ones belongings. We helped them discover things of value and navigate them through the sorting process.

Our core values are kindness, compassion, friendly attitude, being genuine and open about the process of conducting an estate sale and what it all encounters.

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Our goal is to provide professional, knowledgeable, honest and compassionate assistance support during a difficult time. We offer a full property evaluation, research and marketing, set up and staging, security, and customer service, along with our trusted employees. We work hard to make your transition as simple and profitable as possible.

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